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VMS, Visitor Management System

Our Visitor Management Software Agenda

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  • Make a Good First Impression -
  • Improve Security -
  • Improve Visitor Services
  • Emergency Evacuation Report
  • Pre-register Visitors
  • Cost Effective

Value Additions

Best Visitor Management Software company
  • Photographic Record of Visitor
  • Restricted Access to Visitor
  • Customized Visitor Passes
  • Appointment Scheduling and Management
  • Track Entry and Exit of Visitor
  • Access to any Visitor Information anytime
  • Access Details Report for Visitors
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    Visitor Management Process Work Flow

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    Best Visitor Management Software company

    Key Features of VMS

    VMS, Best visitor management software


    The host can always make a pre-appointment of their visitor by giving the arrival details of their visitor and notify reception and security officials about their visitor. This saves both the host's and visitor's time.

    Vms, visitor management systme

    Visitor Check-In & Check-Out through OTP

    The visitor's verification is done through OTP. This means that their details are accurate and cannot be tampered with.

    Best VMS system

    Allow / Deny

    When a visitor arrives, the host can use the "Allow/Deny" feature to confirm their meeting. After that, a visitor pass will be generated.

    best visitor management system

    Overstay alert

    If a visitor remains on the premises after their meeting has concluded or does not check out, an automated alert notification will be sent to the host and security personnel.

    Visitor management system

    Blacklist Visitors

    If a visitor stays beyond the duration of their meeting, or does not check-out of the premises, an automatic alert notification will be delivered to the host and security personnel via SMS/email.

    VMS, visitor management software

    Capture ID details offers a two-factor authentication solution to verify the identity of visitors to your premises. In addition to verifying the visitor's identity, captures and stores their ID details for security purposes. This information can be easily accessed from the administrator portal if needed.

    Visitor management system

    Visitor check-in reminder notification

    If the host does not immediately allow or deny the visitor's arrival confirmation, they will be sent a reminder again regarding the same.


    Re-visit for visitors

    If a visitor is visiting the premises again, their details will be immediately flashed as soon as the name is entered into the system.

    VMS, best visitor management system

    By-Pass Provision

    If a senior official visitor arrives, their pass will be generated quickly and they will not require the permission of the host to enter. In the event the host with whom the meeting was scheduled is not in attendance, the visitor should be appointed to another representative of the organization on the host's behalf.

    Best visitor management system

    Custom Reports

    Our primary objective is to provide our clients with a comprehensive security system that is customized and cost-effective according to their specific needs. We have always believed that our growth is directly related to our clients' success.


    Visitor Reports & Analytics

    An automated visitation reporting system can quickly generate customized reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This can save time and help keep track of important data points. In the event of an emergency, it is easy to track visitors check-in and check-out times as well as the purpose of their visit, from anywhere in the world, at any time.


    Visitor Badges provides custom visitor badges that help hosts easily identify visitors and their credentials, clearance levels, and store the information for future reference.

    Other Integration

    Visitor Management Software

    Server Integration

    Visitor Management System

    Biometric Integration

    Best Visitor Management Software company

    Bar Code / QR Integration

    Best Visitor Management System

    Multiple Administrator Login Panel

    Best Visitor Management Software company

    RFID Reader Integration

    Best Visitor Management System company

    Kiosk System

    Best Visitor Management Software company

    Tablet Based System

    Best Visitor Management Software company, VMS

    Customized Visitor Management System Software

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