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Terms & Refund Policy

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Agreement And Terms Of Service :

If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy hosting provider, iSoftx Technologies is a great choice. Our policies and terms of service are mandatory for signing up with us and using our hosting services - so please make sure you read them carefully before you do. If you have any questions or concerns about our use policies or terms, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime. We reserve the right to change these policies and terms at any time.

Change in Packages and Pricing :

iSoftx Technologies reserves the right to change prices and services of its services and packages at any point in time. The information on our site about prices and services is subject to change without notice. We appreciate your business and want to ensure that our prices reflect the current market. Effective immediately, our prices have increased for all new deals

The information published on our website regarding prices and services is subject to change at any point of time, without prior intimation.

Late / Non-Payment :

In the event that a customer reactivates a cancelled account, an administrative fee of Rs. 1000 would be charged.

If your account becomes overdue by 14 days, your site and other services will be suspended.

If your account gets overdue by 90 days, your sites and data would be deleted from all our systems.

We will do our best to contact you using all available methods, but it is your responsibility to ensure that your contact and billing information is up to date.

Regular updates of details :

If you do not update your contact information with us, we will not be responsible if you do not receive our notices. Our clients have the responsibility to keep their contact and billing information current, which includes promptly notifying us of any changes. If our clients do not receive our notices or do not respond to them, that is their responsibility, not ours.

Spam Policy :

We take a zero-tolerance approach to Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or SPAM. This means that none of our customers or associates is permitted to use our network for managing UCE. Any violation of this policy will result in appropriate disciplinary action.

Proscribed use of services and products :

We operate under a sole proprietorship, and the choice of mode to use our services is at our discretion. Our clients and partners are expected to abide by this policy in all cases. Customer must only use Service and Products in a manner that, in the Company's judgment, is consistent with the purposes of such Service and Product.

Maltreatment Of System And Network :

System or association security should not be violated under any circumstances. Violating security can lead to criminal and civil penalties. Network security is of the utmost importance to our company, and any activity intended to leak or attempt to leak information from our secure network will be met with criminal prosecution. We advise our clients to use our services at their own risk, as any unauthorized access to our systems may result in significant financial and legal penalties. iSoftx Technologies takes no responsibility for any data or files stored on your account. You are responsible for data transfer, file maintenance, and proper backup of any data or files uploaded to our servers. We are entitled to take weekly backups of data which have been changed or are new. These backups serve as a safeguard in the event of data loss.

Mailing List Hosting We do not provide hosting services for the operation of mailing lists. Mailing lists found in our servers will be shut down without any prior notice. This is to remind all site users that any material which could potentially harm iSoftx Technologies Solution servers or any other internet server is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, any material which encourages illegal activity or is harmful to the servers in any way.

What do you own and What Not: Source Code/Database of Website :

Web Server: If clients are interested in obtaining web hosting services, they can inquire about the availability of this complimentary service when speaking with our sales team. Hosting is included as part of certain package deals, so clients don't actually own the hosting.

Content Management System (CMS): The CMS and all software used to manage your website is owned by iSoftx Technologies. You use it as long as you run this website on our server.

Database Software: Clients do not have the right to make changes to the software that powers their website, including MySQL created by iSoftx Technologies. The content and data on clients' websites belongs to them, provided they themselves wrote it.

Source Code (other custom programming)- clients don't own this. The code that's been generated and put in place to run the web server platform- including any logic or connectors to other software on the server- belongs to the platform creators and developers. The source code communicates with external integrated system servers in order to generate the HTML/CSS/Javascript needed to render the page on your screen.

HTML/CSS/Javascript : In web development, HTML and CSS form the essential building blocks of almost all websites. These languages are understood by browsers, and allow developers to create the desired user interface and interactivity. Javascript is a programming language that may be used in conjunction with HTML and CSS to further customize the website experience for users. iSoftx Technologies is happy to provide you with an agreement that grants you ownership of the HTML/CSS/Javascript code upon completion and final payment of the project.

Visual Design – Clients Own This. When it comes to web design, aesthetics are key. The layout and graphical assets of a website need to be pleasing to the eye in order to create a positive user experience. This means using coordinating colors, photos, and typography, as well as creating easy-to-read content. The HTML, CSS, and Javascript code will contain the information to display these assets so that your browser can render the website on your screen. At iSoftx Technologies, we believe that our clients should retain full ownership of their website's visual design upon its completion and final payment.

Text Content – Clients Own This. The Client can own his/her website text content if he or she or their employee authors the content. The text will be formatted, readable, and search engine indexable. It will also be copy and pastable. When you hire a photographer, you're not just hiring someone to take pictures – you're hiring someone to help create a lasting memory. Clients own the copyright to the photographs they take, which means they can use them however they please – including on their website or in marketing materials. If the client or their employee takes the photographs for the website, they will own the photographs.

Domain Name – You Don’t Own This Either. The domain name is an important part of any website. It is the humanly memorable, identifiable part of the URL that is indexed by search engines and remembered as part of the brand. Domain name ownership is not as straightforward as it may seem. Although a client is registered as the domain owner, they do not actually own the domain name. The domain is owned by the domain registrar, who leases it to the client in a contract similar to that of a telephone company. Domain name registration with a registrar does not convey any legal ownership of the domain name. It instead confers an exclusive right of use for the domain name.

The Legal Reality of Owning a Website : Clients never legally own the domain name, web server platform, CMS, web platform, database software, or language used to build your website. iSoftx Technologies provides its clients with a license to use the Intellectual Property (IP) of the websites created by iSoftx Technologies, using its own customised code. This license is exclusive to the client and is non-transferable. If you create a website yourself or have a "work for hire" agreement in place, you will own the source code. without one of these, the website owner will likely own the source code. If the client authors his/her own content, designs the interface, takes his/her own photographs, and creates his/her own graphics, he/she will own all of the website "visual design" and content. This gives the client a high level of control over the website's look and feel, and also ensures that the site's content is original. The client only owns the finished product - the HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as well as the visual design and text content - after the final payment for the project is made.

Conclusion: iSoftx Technologies does not share source code, CMS technology, databases, or web hosting details with clients. Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible website experience. If a client requests this information, we will politely decline. Thank you for choosing iSoftx Technologies. The back-end of our template-based website, as well as our customised website, was developed by the iSoftx Technologies team. This back-end is the result of years of research, innovative ideas, and hard work. iSoftx Technologies holds the rights to its technology and at any point of time, if the client wishes to discontinue services with iSoftx Technologies, the client can take control of the domain name after paying all due payments. iSoftx Technologies is committed to protecting its source code and backup of its website, which includes its Admin Panel/CMS and Database mysql files. The company will not share this information with any third party. The client owns the right to receive HTML/CSS/Javascript, visual design, and text content upon completion and final payment of the project.

Web Hosting Details: At any point of time, iSoftx Technologies will not share Web Hosting Credential with clients to protect the technology of their website and maintain security of the web server from any malware or viruses. Web Hosting is a complimentary service that is included with Website Service. If you'd like to use an open source or third-party software/plugin/module/component/CMS on your iSoftx Technologies account, please contact us for permissions. We reserve the right to deny client installations of any such software/plugin/module/component/CMS if we believe it will negatively impact the security or stability of our systems.

Domain Details: As long as you continue to run your website on our platform, we will not share your domain credentials with any other party. We are committed to safeguarding your website and ensuring its security. If the client demands access to the control panel for their domain name, iSoftx Technologies will provide them with the necessary credentials after receiving a written email request from the client. “If the website's structure or promotion is not handled properly by the Client, they will be held responsible - iSoftx Technologies will not be held liable. We have provided the necessary domain credentials for them to take care of the website going forward.”

We do not host any web applications or websites designed and developed by iSoftx Technologies on client's server.

Support :

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are only able to offer support through email at this time.

Email :

Installation of 3rd Party software : When you install third-party software in your web space, you are responsible for any security implications it may have. If we tracing of a hack or unusual activity that is traced back to your software, your account will be terminated without warning. Our servers are not to be held accountable for any damages, including but not limited to, damages caused by unavailability or being offline. Any other damages, whether momentous or not, are not our responsibility. If our servers are unavailable for any reason, iSoftx Technologies Solutions shall not be responsible for any claimed damages, including incidental and consequential damages. iSoftx Technologies Solution disclaims any and all liability for any claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the use of our services. Immediate termination of services is the final step that can be taken in such cases.

Stipulation & Disclaimer : ISoftx Technologies Solution makes no guarantees with regards to the security or functionality of our products or services. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee or promise any specific outcomes or results that our clients may achieve with our products or services. iSoftx Technologies Solution also resells a few services from other providers, which means certain tools, routing, software, or programming used by us are not directly possessed or written by iSoftx Technologies Solution. If you violate any of our terms or conditions, your account will be deactivated without warning. iSoftx Technologies Solutions takes no responsibility for the way our clients use their accounts. If you choose to delete or deactivate your account, this decision will be based on the terms set by iSoftx Technologies Solution and can be done without notice or prior intimation. We reserve the right to change or modify our policies, guidelines, and disclaimer at any point in time without notice. iSoftx Technologies Solution reserves the right to change or modify the Terms and Conditions at any point in time.

Copyright Policy : iSoftx Technologies Solution has exclusive authorization to shield all the information, material, services, and contents by copyright law and other intellectual property laws. Reproducing any information, material, services, or contents without express written consent from the copyright holder is illegal and can result in civil and criminal penalties.

Guidelines for use of Site Information and Materials : Please note that viewing, downloading, printing, and distributing material and information available on iSoftx Technologies Solution is subject to the following stipulations: Information should only be used for non-commercial purposes, unless prior written approval is obtained from iSoftx Technologies Solution. Commercial use of information is allowed only with written permission from iSoftx Technologies Solution. It is illegal to remove any proprietary notices or copyrights from documents. iSoftx Technologies Solution reserves the right to rescind the print, view, download, distribute, and circulate the information uploaded on iSoftx Technologies Solution at any time, without any notice. The rights granted to you constitute a license and not a transfer of title. The use of the information on this site is restricted to viewing, downloading, and printing for personal use only. Distribution of any information on this site is not authorized without prior written consent from iSoftx Technologies Solution. Any unauthorized use of the information on this site may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, and other applicable laws. iSoftx Technologies Solution has comprehensive protection of its Trade dress and other laws, and as such it is not permissible to imitate it in any way, whether in whole or in part.

Warranty :

If you and iSoftx Technologies Solution have entered into a written agreement, the warranties and disclaimers provided therein will apply. All material and services on this site are provided without any warranty, express or implied. This includes but is not limited to the lack of any warranty for merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The site does not guarantee that it will not violate any third party rights. All services and materials provided by iSoftx Technologies Solution are provided on an as-is basis and without any warranty of any kind, express or implied. We cannot guarantee that the services and materials will meet your specific requirements. fault-free service, safety, uninterrupted service, and timely provision of materials and services. Accuracy, effectiveness, and reliability of services and materials and services. If you experience a software error, it is not guaranteed that it will be fixed immediately by iSoftx Technologies Solution. There are some circumstances or jurisdictions where obscure warranties or restrictions on the duration during which the warranty would last apply. The limitations mentioned above may not apply to you, to the extent that they are acceptable. Any implied warranty that would limit its duration to a maximum of 90 days is noted. The relevancy and contemporariness of your data is not guaranteed when using iSoftx Technologies Solution. We are not liable for any mistakes or omissions in your information. This site may contain technical errors, inaccuracies, typos, or other errors. In any case, iSoftx Technologies Solution and its associates would not be liable to any third party for any special, disciplinary, accompanying, indirect or consequential damage of any kind. iSoftx Technologies Solution takes no responsibility for any damage to your computer system or data loss while downloading any information from this site. You are responsible for any and every kind of data loss / technical problem. The links on this site are not being curated or endorsed by iSoftx Technologies Solution. Therefore, we do not recommend any of them. iSoftx Technologies Solution is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of information available on non-iSoftx Technologies Solution websites. The right of entry of these links is not under our control. According to recent reports, iSoftx Technologies Solution is being used in a number of different countries. While the company's services may be perfectly legal in other regions, it's important to be aware that certain programs and services may not be publicized in your own country.

Trademark : The logo and trademarks displayed on this website are the exclusive property of iSoftx Technologies Solution. Any unauthorized use is prohibited. It is against the written policy of iSoftx Technologies Solution to reproduce any part of our copyrighted material without prior written permission from our company.

Privacy Policy : The information you provide will be used in accordance with applicable laws. Your information will not be shared with any external organization or for any other commercial purpose without your written consent. It would be available to all the divisions / sister concerns / ventures of iSoftx Technologies Solution. We use temporary cookies to help you make the most of our services and ensure a smooth browsing experience on our site. Updating or modification of your data or information would be done on your written request only.

Payment and Refund Policy : All payments will be accepted through the standard payment methods provided by iSoftx Technologies Solution. The refund policy at iSoftx Technologies Solutions is such that all transactions are final and no refunds are granted, regardless of the reason. This is done in order to maintain high standards of service and keep our clients happy. We appreciate your understanding. Thank you for your order. We would like to inform you that the paid amount will not be refunded in any circumstances. Unfortunately, since your personal preferences have changed since you originally placed your order, we are not able to provide a refund or chargeback. The company does not send content through any other media such as CDs, pen drives, or movable drives. We recommend against providing your login information for any third-party sites, in order to avoid any unwanted complications or technical issues. If you choose to provide this information, you would be solely responsible for the login information as well as content of the sites so provided. All payments for services rendered by iSoftx Technologies Solution must be made in favor of "iSoftx Technologies" only. We have not authorized any individual or organization to collect payments on our behalf for any services rendered by iSoftx Technologies Solution. Payments should only be made payable to iSoftx Technologies Solution, and no other party. Please be advised that iSoftx Technologies Solutions cannot be held responsible for any damage arising from business dealings with fraudulent individuals or organizations.

Matter of Disputes and Jurisdictional Aspects : If you are involved in any legal dispute related to iSoftx Technologies Solution, it will be handled in the jurisdiction of Delhi. All legal issues are governed by the applicable laws in force at New Delhi and within the jurisdiction of the courts located there.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction :

This Agreement and any dispute or matter arising from incidental use of iSoftx Technologies Solution is governed by the laws of India and the Member and the Company hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Delhi, India. This Agreement, accepted upon use of the Site and further affirmed by becoming a Member of the iSoftx Technologies Solution, constitutes the entire understanding between you and iSoftx Technologies Solution with respect to your use of the Site and/or the Service. If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid, the remainder of this Agreement shall continue to be valid and in effect. we are pleased to provide you with the information you need to make the most of iSoftx Technologies Solutions' offerings and further strengthen our business relationship.



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