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School ERP Management Software

Amplify your school With the most credible cloud based management software to administer Your School more efficiently by digitalising and automating day to day academic and administrative activities and managing student's progress through better parent-Teacher communication.

Transport Management System

The transport management software helps students, parents, staff and management.

Library Management System

The Library management software helps in operating library with an automated system.

Timetable Management

Teachers and administrators can generate and alter timetables using easily.

Accounting: Managing School Fee System

This Software helps in managing student fee collection records.

Alert Management System

Alert management system Helps to keep track of ongoing tasks and their current status.

Parent – Teacher Interaction Module

School ERP software helps parents to get real-time access to their child's daily performance.

Visitor Management System

This system helps to create a appropriate visitor management record for school.

Attendance Management System

Attendance management system helps to to keep track of daily attendance in real-time.

Discipline Management System

This module assist to monitor and maintain student discipline and run a school with a good and productive atmosphere.

Leave Management System

This software simplifies the process and status of leave, daily attendance record.

E-Learning System: Virtual Classroom

This system helps to conduct real- time online web classes.

Transfer Certificate Generation System

It helps in easy, effortless and time saving generation of transfer certificate.

Healthcare Management System

This system also helps in recording the student's previous ailments/disorders.

Co-Curricular Activities Management System

Co-curricular activities in course of study for overall development of the students.

Enquiry Management System

This software helps in Recording and managing all the admission related enquiries.

Online Admission Management System

It provides a secured login portal for students with one-time password protection (OTP) for admission.

Work Allocation Management System

This system helps in allocating/assigning tasks digitally across faculties and staff members.

Managing And Printing Documents/Certificates

School ERP system also enables in generating and printing important documents/certificates automatically.

Homework/Assignment Management System

It allows you to post homework/assignment details online to student who can see their homework for reference.

Examination Management System And Report Card

The examination management system module assists in monitoring and managing examination activities.

Fees & Fine Management

This module streamlines school fee and fine management, simplifying payment processing and record-keeping.

Online Payment Gateway

Provides a secure platform for online payments, enhancing convenience for students and parents.

Daily Lecture Topic & Details

This module records & communicates daily lecture topics & related information for students & teachers.

Academic Management

This module streamlines academic processes, including course management and grading.

Holidays & School Planner

Manages school holidays and schedules, helping in effective planning and communication.

Achievement & Talent

This module recognizes and showcases student achievements and talents.

Student Id Card Generation

Generates student identification cards for security and identification purposes.

Certificate Management System

Manages the issuance and tracking of various certificates for students and staff.

Online Exam/Quiz Management

Facilitates the creation, administration, and grading of online exams and quizzes.

Web – Design & Maintenance

Manages the school website, ensuring it remains up-to-date and visually appealing.

Employee Management

This module handles employee records, payroll, and HR-related functions.

Report Cards & Result Analysis

Generates and analyzes student report cards and academic results.

Online PTM Feedback

Gathers feedback from students on teacher performance and teaching methods.

Medical Room Management

This module tracks student health records and manages medical facilities within the school.

Online Teacher Feedback

Gathers feedback from students on teacher performance and teaching methods.

Student Dossier

This module maintains comprehensive student profiles, including academic, behavioral, and personal data.

U-Dise Reports

Generates and submits data to the Unified District Information System for Education (U-DISE).

Event Management

This module plans, organizes, and tracks school events and activities.

Hr Management

Manages employee records, recruitment, and HR-related processes.

Biometric Integration

Integrates biometric authentication for access control and attendance tracking.

Inventory Management

This module manages school inventory, procurement, and asset tracking.

Access Management System

Controls user access and security features within the software.

Scheduled Services

Optimizes scheduling of services such as maintenance and transportation.

Services Requests - Parents & Staff

Handles service requests from parents and staff members.

Photo Gallery & School Videos

This module stores and shares photos and videos of school events and activities.

News & Events

Communicates school news and upcoming events to the school community.

Invitees Management

Manages guest lists and invitations for school events and functions.

Student Behavior Management

Records and manages student behavior incidents and interventions.

Duty/Activity Allocation & Monitoring

Allocates and monitors duties and activities for school staff.

Graphical Presentation Of Data & Reports

This module presents data and reports in graphical formats for better visualization and analysis.

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Benefits of School
erp Software.

One of the most remarkable benefits of a school ERP software is that it saves a lot of time involved in managing massive data and information. This further helps teachers and administrative staff to focus more on the other important jobs and work more efficiently. Simply put, all the back-office operations of a school can be taken by school ERP software.

AI Support

This cloud based ERP powered by AI, has been an effective tool in order to manage your school management functions.

Cloud Based ERP

Enabling the power of cloud in order to maintain the safety and security of your information.

Parents Application

School ERP aims to empower the schools, parents and students with its school management system.

Teachers Application

Our Teachers help us a lot. Introducing School ERP Teacher to help them too.


Looking for the Best School Management Software?

Any school organization must balance the utility and importance of software that caters to existing and related market practices when selecting school management software. A school should bring expenditures, service quality, and operational excellence from the school management system.

Here is a quick guide on must-have features in School management Software. And is it worth investing in?



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