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IT Solutions For Pharma Companies

Pharma Workspace Solutions

  • Safety Portal
  • Food Safety Portal
  • PSG and GEMBA Portal
  • Change Control Management System
  • Pharma Workspace Portal
    • Task Management
    • Ticket Management
    • Inter Department Meeting Management
    • Departmental Meeting Management
    • General Meeting Management
    • Goal Planning Management
    • Meeting Rooms Booking Management
  • Visitor Management System
    • Visitor Entry
    • Pre Schedule Visitor Management
    • Employee Gate Pass System
    • Contractors Employee In Out
    • Security Gate Entry Registers (Easy for Audit Purposes) (Material In, Returnable Gate Pass Entry, Non-Returnable Gate Pass Entry, Key Register, Scrap Material Out Register, Courier Register, Dak Register In-Out, etc.)
  • Foil Printing Management (Job Work)
    • Clients and Products record maintenance
    • Purchase order wise job order start and close status
    • Packing Lists according to every job order
    • Billing
    • COA (Certificate of Analysis)
    • All Reports
  • UPSI (Unpublished Price Sensitive Information) Insider trading is the trading of a Listed company’s stock or other securities based on Unpublished Price Sensitive Information (UPSI) about the company. As a measure to prevent insider trading, SEBI, the securities market regulator, through its regulations, prohibits the communication of UPSI; except in furtherance of legitimate purposes, the performance of duties, or the discharge of legal obligations.


Pharma Workspace Solutions

  • eLogBook Management
  • eBMR Management
  • Product Calibration Management
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Why are HavTeq Pharma Software necessary for the pharmaceutical industry?

Pharma Workspace Solutions

During its many years of experience, HavTeq Pharma software for the pharmaceutical industry has developed into a complete solution that manages, links, and combines all the internal departments and procedures of a pharmaceutical company. Our pharmaceutical software streamlines all essential business processes, including formulation, production, planning, distribution, finance/accounting, inventory, and quality control, while assisting users in maintaining regulatory compliance.

The main function of the HavTeq Pharma Software for the pharmaceutical business is to record each step and keep track of sensitive operational data across the firm, including expirations, non-conformance, SOPs, and more. By doing so, this HavTeq pharmaceutical software improves operational transparency and helps the efficient running of the complete single or multi-divisional pharmaceutical.




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