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Enterprise | Resource Planning

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Integrated to HR Errands

Erp Software solution
  • Manual Attendance
  • Automatic Attendance
  • Semi-Auto Attendance
  • Multiple Shift
  • Flexible Shift
  • Customized leave policies
  • Leave carry forward, Leave approval
  • Short Leave assignment
  • Classify Holiday

Database | Employee Engagement

Erp Software solution
  • Employee personal/official information/Sleep Mode
  • E-documents
  • Salary details
  • Facilities
  • Roles & Access authorization
  • Apply Leave & Short Leave
  • Apply official duty
  • Apply Expense Claims
  • Check/Verify Salary
  • Create Task
  • Engage Team Members
  • Track the task until completion

Salary | Overtime | Bonus | Incentive

Erp Software solution
  • Monthly Salary
  • Advance Salary
  • Salary Approval
  • Bonus Accumulation
  • Pay slip Generation
  • Overtime Rules/Criteria
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Overtime Approval
  • Incentive against attendance
  • Diverse incentive rules/criteria
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Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Automatic Attendance Upload
  • Excel import for bulk data
  • Employee self-service
  • Automatic salary processing
  • Accurate deduction calculation
  • Admin approvals
  • App support
  • Dashboard
  • Auto Shift Management

Erp Software solution
Erp Software solution ERP Module-Production Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Sale order
  • Purchase order
  • Job order
  • Production activities
  • Material confirmation
  • Per piece rate
  • Production scheduling ERP Module-Material Management

Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Tracking sales
  • Sales return
  • Tracking purchase
  • Material & Stock availability
  • Consumption
  • Transfers
  • Invoicing

Erp Software solution
ERP ERP Module-Financial Accounting

Enterprise Resource Planning

  • GST Ready
  • Multiple users
  • Statutory compliance
  • Ageing
  • Reminders
  • Asset management
  • Cash management
  • TDS

Our enterprise resource planning system helps ensure that our customer service is always top-notch. The enterprise resource planning systems streamline the integration of human resources, project management, and other business processes. We have implemented enterprise resource planning software and a customer relationship management system to manage our resources and provide better customer service. Business processes, supply chain, and business operations are all essential components of a successful organization.

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Sign up for our weekly security updates, insider perspectives and in-depth security analysis.


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